Our Mission

Our Mission is to build healthy families to function in a changing world by offering counseling and consultation services that enhance and enrich communication skills.

What Will You Learn Through Marriage and Family Counseling?

(A message from Dr. Sandi Froese, LPC-S and Janet Nelson, M.A.)

How does counseling help? What can you learn through counseling? Can a third person really solve your relationship conflicts? Consider marriage and family counseling resources when you cannot improve your relationship on your own.

The answer to the above questions is that counseling can work for you if you are willing to make it work. The counseling process can take several weeks or even months. It is difficult to give up old patterns of behavior and to make necessary changes overnight. It takes time.

How motivated are you to stay with the process? Give counseling a chance to make a difference. You need to have willingness, motivation, commitment, and faith in order to for counseling to work in your favor.

What can you expect to learn through counseling? According to licensed professional counselors and licensed marriage counselors, you’ll learn how to:

  • understand and comfort your partner (or child) even when you disagree.

  • tell your partner (or child) what you want instead of expecting them to know.

  • stand your ground when it matters.

  • show support for your partner’s (or child’s) goals.

  • listen to your partner (or child) with empathy.

  • show affection to your partner and/or your child.

  • heal each other with LACE (Love, Appreciation, Compassion, and Empathy).

  • understand how a sincere intention to change can make a difference in your family.

You may wonder if the focus is on making your partner (or child) feel loved, will you receive any benefit in return? Unless your partner is “made of stone” your love is likely to be reciprocated. However, when you reach out to your partner and/or family and show love, it is about making each other feel good. Moreover, giving love generously without expecting to be reciprocated will help you feel satisfied and complete.

Counseling will help you look at your relationship with a new perspective. It will help you understand your partner’s (or your child’s) views, ideas, and goals related to your relationship. Seek counseling even if you think it’s too late. You will be surprised to find out that it is never too late to make your relationship better. It is all in learning how to effectively communicate with each other.